August 06, 2003

The Exhibition

The exhibition went very well. It was jammed-packed with people. I even sold a piece. Many of my friends came and afterwards 9 of us went out to celebrate, which felt more like a birthday party rather than an art opening. But it was me giving the gifts: to two amazing and lovely women, my aunt Peri and dear friend, Patricia, whose birthday’s are today and tomorrow.

You never know how it’s going to work when you mix your friends, who come from different times and parts of one’s life, together. I wanted them all to feel joyful, or at least at ease, and I think they did. It moved me that they were all there, with their support, love and encouragement for my work. That in itself helps the work to find its place out in the world.

Life, at this moment feels open and full of possibilities. Perhaps they are always there, but we are not always open to them. Looking back on the winter, for example I remember another feeling, which mirrored the harsh winter, with the tendency toward hibernation.

Quite simply, in this state of openness I feel so much gratitude and love for everyone in my life who is willing and able to show up, in whatever way they can.

Here's "The Homeless # 1"

homeless 1.jpg

Posted by Barbara at August 6, 2003 03:05 PM