August 08, 2003

The Magdalene Sisters

The Magdalene Sisters
This is a film not to be missed, though not to be seen when feeling vulnerable. It takes place in the 1960’s, in Ireland, and is based on a true story about what happened to young woman, who became pregnant out of wedlock. But not only to them, as even orphans and victims of rape were captured and sent away to these convents/laundries, that were more like prisons than places of worship. In fact, I doubt if any form of god or goddess would inhabit such a place. These unfortunate women were forced to work in laundries, in silence, beaten and humiliated under the rule of cruel and hardened nuns. Some never escaped.

I went to the film with Carol Schaefer, my former sister in law, dear friend for many years. She is an expert on this subject, and I highly recommend her book, The Other Mother, which tells her own very moving story about her child she was forced to give up for adoption, and her eventual search to find him.

It amazed me to think that this kind of treatment of women was still happening in the 60’s, however, from what we’ve seen from the Taliban, and in many parts of the world, it is clear that the battle for women’s rights still goes on today.

Here is a painting, entitled, “No to the Taliban”

no to Taliban II.jpg

Posted by Barbara at August 8, 2003 03:11 PM