August 10, 2003


After have lived in a place for many years it would seem that returning would not illicit that much excitement as an initial voyage. However, in preparation for my trip to Italy, the cells of my body feel alive with that same kind of joyful anticipation. Perhaps it is because Roma was for me like a first love that somehow can’t be replaced, and only grows more beautiful with the years. Or, that I have needed to mythologize it, to hold it sacred, to hold a place for myself there as sacred.

One of the big questions for me has been, where is home? I’ve come to know others with the same question, especially those, like myself who have lived abroad. The sense of isolation that I have felt many times in my life, which this too I’ve discovered that other’s share, I’ve also felt while living in my beloved Roma. I believe that this is an existential human condition that resides below the surface of all circumstances, yet feeling connected to another(s) is also like a beautiful memory that has its own meaning and reality.

I remember Riane Eisler saying to me that she found home when she met her husband, David Loye. And I understand what she meant because I have felt this sense of home when I have been in love or when I am in the midst of creating inspired work. Or when a place like Roma calls to you and says, Welcome Home.

Posted by Barbara at August 10, 2003 03:13 PM