August 13, 2003

In Viaggio/Take Off/Italia

Today’s the day. It has been a long time coming, yet in some ways it seems like yesterday. Time is a strange entity impossible to wrap your arms around. What’s that old saying, that time isn’t linear but forever present? Maybe the linear sense we attribute to it allows us to be able to hold experience in our memory. At any rate, I’m leaving this evening for la bella Roma, where there is an atrocious heat wave, though it’s expected to break by the weekend.

My friend Pino, who will pick me up at the airport, bless his heart, thought it auspicious when I told him I was bringing the good weather since the Reiki I sent him for major surgery he had last year went well. Let’s hope it’s true.

Since there’s no phone line where I’ll be staying in Roma and in Ischia I'll be too busy, I’ve decided to leave my computer behind, so I’ll write only from internet cafe’s. I’ve also decided to leave my computer behind because I’m too dependent on it, and although it’s more of a blessing than a curse I think it’s a good idea to break habits so that something new can come in. Also, my time in Italy will be more social than reflective. Besides teaching the workshop in Ischia I will spend time in Roma and in Tuscany, visiting friends. I will bring along my hard cover journal, so maybe my handwriting, which I used to love and was once quite good, will improve.

You can still write to me; I'll respond when I'm able.


Posted by Barbara at August 13, 2003 03:16 PM