October 03, 2003

Opening Night

Originally, when I first saw the space at CIIS, on Minna St, I was concerned that my paintings, which are a series of long and narrow unstretched canvases, were too big for it. However, they fit so well that they brought warmth to the space and looked elegant. I was happy for them, as one would be for their children who now occupy their own rightful place in the world. And oddly enough, in observing them there, they no longer felt like they were mine, but entities unto themselves.

As I’ve said before I wish for them the same thing I wish for myself; to find love and their place in the world.

The opening went exceptionally well. It was a full house, and friends came from a far to celebrate with me. I received so much praise in one night that it was almost too much to take in. As I’ve already said, the paintings were inspired by Riane’s book, The Chalice & The Blade, and I was honored to have her there, along with Angeles Arrien. They both spoke on my behalf and I spoke as well, surprising myself by talking more than planned, but the people were interested in the work and asked questions.

Many thanks to all those at CIIS, including wonderful Adriana Marchione and Mark, who was so essential to the hanging of the paintings, and to the Trasformative Learning and Change program for sponsoring the exhibit. And infinite gratitude to all my wonderful friends who were so helpful and supportive.

Of all the exhibitions I’ve had this was the most joyous.

Here are some shots of the exhibit. Sorry they aren't perfect, but at least you get an idea.


ciis 7.jpg

ciis 6.jpg

ciis 5.jpg

ciis 3.jpg

ciis 1.jpg

ciis 4.jpg

Posted by Barbara at October 3, 2003 11:22 AM