April 23, 2004

Old Stories

Yesterday I met a woman who was joyful and so nice that I said to her, “You don’t seem like a New Yorker.” In fact she wasn’t. She said she makes a practice of being nice to others, which struck me and I am still reflecting on this. In contrast, I saw myself through the reflection of the mirror she cast back to me energetically, and recognized an old familiar self that creeps up when I have fallen into a dour mood.

There are stories we tell ourselves about the past that may not be the whole truth, or our perception is a result of our positioning, both psychologically as well as physically. For example, yesterday I was at the height of a cold or allergy, (I am not sure which, or maybe a bit of both) which effected how I traveled through the day. I was definitely not feeling joyful. On my way home I stopped to play the lottery, which usually amounts to my buying a one-dollar ticket for the larger jackpots of lotto. A man next to me was scratching away at a ticket, and won a small amount of money. Then, another man won $1200. I decided to follow suite and called upon the spirit of my mother who loved gambling. On the second scratched card I won $5, and on the 4th won a free ticket to Take 5. From that ticket I have won another free one.

The message was that your luck can change, and it does everyday. So does one’s state of being, happy/sad, optimistic/pessimistic, etc.

Sat Nam

Posted by Barbara at April 23, 2004 10:06 AM

Hope all is prosperous and ongoing in your world
I think it is good to look for signs and they were there definitely for you today Barbara!!!

Posted by: vita at April 27, 2004 05:43 AM