July 27, 2003

Journals & an Exhibit

I’ve had my hands in so many pots that I haven’t had time or mind to write a new entry in almost a week. Having this new journal page pulls at me from two directions. From one way it adds to the many things I have to do each day, but from the other way it reminds me to check in with myself and see what’s brewing.

In preparation for our In Viaggio, Ischia workshop, Patricia and I have been brainstorming in our usual fun loving and dynamic way, crystallizing our ideas and writing them down, or up on the computer. In favor of the computer we both agreed that it’s an advantage to see what’s written, and be able to change it immediately when it needs work, which is more often than not. We spent a long time on describing the use and purposing of journaling because we both feel that it is an important tool for anyone, anytime and especially during an intense week dedicated to art. Our journals will be whatever each person wants to make of them, using art materials as well as pens.

In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”

With all that is going on I forgot to mention that I am going to be showing in The Monique Goldstom Gallery on August 5. The opening is from 6 - 8 at 560 Broadway, 3rd floor. It is a group show featuring works on paper of both emerging and famous artists. I have two pieces in it. Please come by if you’re in New York City.


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July 20, 2003

Living Angels

When I find myself at the edge of what appears and often feels difficult I wonder if my wings will give out in the middle of the traverse and send me crashing into the abyss or if I will land on my feet on the other side. In my life people seem to fall out of the sky like angels offering their service, right when I need them. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that my wings are held within a wider, yet invisible sphere, linked to others. Help doesn’t only come in desperation, but sometimes it’s there within the web of suggestion, names spoken, a phone call, or surfing. The internet is a good example of how this webbing works.

I am grateful to so many people in my life that are spread out all over the world; I can hardly name them all.

Most immediate thanks are for some people I have never met, except in this cyber world we now inhabit. First is Lee Fleming of neurotwitch
for all her work on my site. And Heather Blakey of Soul Food Cafe`
for creating space for me on her site. (a must see!) And not to forget Vita, of vitalingus
for her care and comments.

However, if it wasn’t for Patricia Antonucci of The Abruzzi Mountain Workshop Artworks of Italy
(my dear friend and workshop partner), I wouldn’t have found Lee, who comes to me because she told me to call her brother, Tony Anthony, beneath buddha's eyes
who recommended I call Lee for advice about my site. If you see his site you'll know why.

Here's an angel for you.

Grazie mille,


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July 14, 2003

Ischia II

Now that I’ve bought my ticket I am longing for the sea, to be surrounded by the blue-green of the island and to hear the melodic song of Italiano envelop me and roll off my own tongue. Every island speaks its own dialect, and is its own world. Surrounded by water it compels focus and invokes a sense of wonder. One is asked to be contained, yet this is not difficult when encircled by so much beauty. It seeps into you and you take on the rhythm of the island.

This will be a special trip; I can feel it brewing inside of me, not only for myself, but also for Patricia and our students. I am certain that they will discover something new; an aromatic lingering fragrance, which emanates from the island and their own creative memory, will free their hand, and take them to interior landscapes where they have never been. Or the song of the wind will enter their dreams, and like an invisible hand it will point the way toward opening.

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July 11, 2003


Since we (Patricia Antonucci, founder of The 10 year old Abruzzi Mountain Workshop, and I) are preparing our "In Viaggio," art workshop in Ischia, (August 23 - 30) I am including a little information about the Island in today's entry.

"Capri's lesser-known neighbor takes up 47-square kilometers of the Bay of Naples. Ischia is a well-kept secret, often neglected by guide books. Still, word gets around. Celebrities from Michelangelo Buonarroti to Elizabeth Taylor have sought refuge there. Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen once puttered around in Casamicciola, the town where Guiseppe Garibaldi recovered from his war wounds.

Even gods and mythological heroes took breaks in Ischia. Ulysses visited the king on Castiglione hill, while Aphrodite dipped into the thermal waters. Aeneas beached his boat in Lacco Ameno, where centuries later the remains of Santa Restituta washed ashore. And archangel Michael put in an appearance, giving his name to the picturesque fishing village of Sant'Angelo."

To read the whole article, click on:


We are charged about this trip, and I've already packed my bags in my mind, at least 3 times.

We hope you will join us there; get in touch with me if you can, or if you want to find out more. Also, there is more info on:



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July 07, 2003

Surprise Celebration

I met them only twice, at Ezekiel’s, a place in the West Village where I sometimes go for lunch when I’m at work. Selecting food around the buffet we began a conversation that led me to join them at their table instead of taking out my lunch.

On Saturday I was lying on the floor doing Continuum Movement/Reiki/Meditation, when the phone rang. I was in too deep a state to answer it, but when I picked up the message later and found a message from Ron Ferri, inviting me to Linda’s surprise birthday party I was surprised myself, and very honored.

Linda was truly surprised by 30 or so people, who yelled, “surprise” when she walked in the door. It was no ordinary party, but a musical celebration since both Linda and Ron are brilliant musicians their world is surrounded by musical people. Professional musicians and students took their turn at the microphone while others ate and drank.

Years ago I made a surprise birthday party for my beloved, a Roman man who lived with me in San Francisco. Not only was he surprised he was dumbfounded. Surprise parties are not part of the Italian culture, and he was unable to digest the concept.

Linda is a classical pianist and Ron a jazz pianist, and they are both lovely, warm people. I was very grateful to be included among their circle of friends, as I’m always grateful for the love that comes into my life in all forms.


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July 05, 2003

The Queen

I’ve noticed that a procession of characters or events come into my life related to whatever the theme is that I am traversing. Each one of these people or things has a symbolic meaning that, if I listen closely, convey a message precisely to me. The Queen came into my life after the Prince left. (The story of the Prince is secret, but will one day be revealed when the time is appropriate and in its proper format).

The Queen comes from Indonesia, and was gifted to me by Jill Forshee, a dear friend and brilliant cultural anthropologist, author of Between The Folds (Stories of cloth, lives and travels from Sumba).

With a removable head her original use was for storing betel. Personally, she gave me the indication that I was moving up in royalty, claiming more of my own space. She now resides over my Reiki table, along with a little red Buddha head and other paraphernalia that speak of, through and to the spirit. There is actually no ruler of this domain, however, as a feminine aspect she assures fairness, compassion and thoughtfulness, when Buddha, as enlightened as he is, forgets your birthday.

Here is the Queen.

the queen 2.jpgweb.jpg

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Il Re/The King

I thought that since I’ve put up the Queen, I might as well include the King, known as il Re, in Italian. Why have I named him in Italian? Because he was made in Italy like all good things. He preceded the Queen by a number of years, and although he comes from my hand he actually emerged of his own accord. Therefore he’s an Italian King.

So, without further ado I present Il Re.

Long live the King, Queen, Princess and not to forget the Prince, wherever he is!!!

il re.jpgweb.jpg

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July 01, 2003

The Chalice & The Blade/The Song of Memory

It came to me of its own accord, like many wonderful things in life that just show up. It was 1993 and I was living in Roma then. I was looking for a good book to read and a friend placed it in my hands. The evocative title stirred an emotion in me, and the resonance did not stop there. The book, written by the visionary scholar, Riane Eisler, led me through an intuitive process of discovery whereby I build up layers and scrape them away to discover what is there or what seeks to emerge. I now view my own work as similar to that of an archaeological digger. Analogous to archaeology, what’s buried beneath the surface when dug up will reveal something about history, but then going deeper into my own subconscious, I have discovered that what emerges are primordial forms inherent in the earth itself. I then create from the discovery of what surfaces.

The Chalice & The Blade has been a revolutionary work, reexamining and offering new interpretation of early history. “Eisler powerfully reconstructs the Goddess culture and the global shift to patriarch, drawing evidence from literature, art, sociology, archaeology, politics, and economics-and synthesizing prehistory, history, present, and future into an awesome and convincing view of the human condition.” She does this with compassion, passion and poetry, inviting you into a world which is not only factual, but where there is room for the creation of the future, essential to the evolution of humanity.

Through this journey I have come to know Riane personally; she is one of those precious jewels in my life, and I am pleased to say that she will be present at my exhibition, The Song of Memory, on September 26th, along with Angeles Arrien (please check back to read more about her at another time) at CIIS, The California Institute of Integral Studies, in San Francisco. Riane, Angeles and I will take part in a three-way dialogue regarding art, transformation, woman and the spiritual that weaves us all together. The exhibition is inspired by The Chalice & The Blade, and includes paintings that span a decade.

Please drop by if you are in San Francisco then.

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