December 18, 2003

Our Workshop Schedule

I’m already excited and it’s only December. Patrizia and I have organized our 2004 - 2005 schedule, and it can be seen on her fabulous new site, which is a masterpiece by Buddhagraphics: Artworks of Italy

We have planned some exciting new locations in Italy:

Puglia in June
Umbria in Settember
And in February of 2005 we will start the year off in our beloved Roma

In addition, starting January 2005, we are holding on-going one-day Saturday workshops in my loft in Greenpoint. I will also put this up on my site, but until then, take a look at The Abruzzi Mountain Workshop site I have linked above. Be sure to scroll down to see the details and a photo of my loft.

We have chosen Puglia because we want to discover its mystery and beauty. Also, I’ve recently met some wonderful, warm and generous people from that region that has made me even more curious, as every region in Italy breeds different qualities in people. Patrizia passed by Bari last summer and fell in love with it, and the region was calling to me as well, after various interesting Pugliesi (people of Puglia) came into my life, so that is why Puglia is number one. Luciano, a friend of my dear friend, Annina, is on the lookout for a fabulous lodging on the Gargano Coast.

Umbria is a little less discovered than Tuscany and I have some wonderful friends in and near Todi. And of course Roma has been both my and Patrizia’s home, which we greatly love. I look forward to hearing from you.

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December 14, 2003


That’s his name; born 7 minutes to 11 p.m., December 13th, weighing 7 lbs 8 oz., to DeAnna & Kip Schaefer. His full name is Hudson David Schaefer. David seems to be a favorite of my families, but it hasn’t made it to the first name yet. My mother had wanted to call my brother David, but my father’s choice of Ronald won over David, and so David got seconds. Kip, his brother Brett and Cole, one of his sons all have David as the middle name, and I’ve wondered about this David that lurks in the middle of all these men. I too have always liked the name and I am fond of many of the David’s I have encountered in my life.

I love the name Hudson too. It holds a lot of volume and strength in it, and being that he's born in New York City, where the Hudson River flows, makes it even more meaningful. It's an uncommon and interesting name and of course it calls to mind Rock Hudson, so a handsome man is to be expected, and well it's a given with the good looks of his parents. And even beyond good looks, not only speaking as a proud aunt, Kip & DeAnna are both solid yet fluid people. To me they are the golden.

During the last portion of his 23 hours descent through the birth canal I was making art, doing Continuum, Reiki and with him and DeAnna in spirit. All the while I was thinking about his coming and ultimately about how miraculous birth is; how we all grow out of each other from seeds and how it is from that colossal opening, which stretches us beyond what we think we can endure, that new life emerges. The pain is inherent in the process of becoming and after the pushing, the letting go is what takes us through the portal to the other side.

Anyway, a warm welcome to you, Hudson David Schaefer!!!

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December 09, 2003

Magic Boxes

The first series of boxes I made was in the early 90’s, when I was living in Roma. I gave them as gifts when I visited friends and family in the US. They were mostly made with dried roses, which I was using then in my paintings, and the surfaces were mostly white. Because of the decomposing roses, unless sprayed with some kind of binding substance, which I didn’t do, they tended to deteriorate with time. Though I still have one sitting on my table, which is paling but still in tact.

Carol Schaefer came to my studio this weekend and we made a bunch of these boxes, though with different materials. We really enjoyed ourselves doing it. With the inspiring but hard to navigate in snowstorm it was the best place to be.

I loved stepping inside the world of these boxes, which like paintings, all have their own identity and tell me what they want to become. Below are shots of the boxes both from outside and inside. The first one is The Queen’s Box. She is an Indonesian queen, who’s name I forgot. The second is Kuan Yun’s Box, who is the Goddess of mercy & plenty, and the third is still untitled, so if you have a good name for it please let me know.

Carol took her boxes home to finish the details. When’s she’s done I will photograph them, so please check back. All boxes are for sale.







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