February 27, 2004

Alchemy in Medicine

I am fortunate to have wonderful friends in my life. They are spread out in different parts of the world and are all unique and special in different ways. Even though contact is less frequent, (despite all this technology we have access to, being in Italy and the US, for example, creates a psychological boundary as well as a physical one), I feel their presence in my life from afar. And when I am in Roma it’s like I never left for how warm people are to me.

One of these friends, Lucilla Riccottini, is also my homeopathic doctor who I've been going to for many years. As well as being a warm and caring friend, she is a very brilliant and an exceptionally intuitive doctor. She was the prize student of the famous homeopath in Roma, the late, Dr. Santini, and now occupies his office. I still rely on her also as a doctor, and every year when I am in Roma she prescribes a constitutional cure for whatever is going on in me.

Just recently, I took the last remedy (she’s from the school of multiple remedies rather than one substance) that she had prescribed in September. Shortly after that I caught a miserable cold, but when that ended a miracle occurred; my sense of smell, which I had lost since moving to NY, 8 years ago, has returned. Now that it’s back my taste buds are also more alive and I realize how much I’ve been missing. What a pleasure it is to smell the caffe`!

When I told her about it she said that the cold was the precursor, or the storm before the clearing.

Mind you, the cure was not specifically directed toward my loss of smell, but at my whole physical and psychological condition, which is why I love homeopathy as I do other natural healing modes. Homeopathy is more widely practiced and accepted in Europe, and in order to practice it, being an MD is required.

With much gratitude,

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February 18, 2004

Passing through this world

I am sad to say that Monique Goldstrom passed away on February 12th. She had a big personality with many attributes, above all, a big heart, always making room for many people in her sphere. She gave artists opportunities to show their work, whereas many gallery dealers in NY would not, and helped people in many other ways. I was among them.

When I first came to NY I exhibited with her, then, there were a few years that we didn’t see each other for reasons I won’t go into. When I appeared in her gallery last year, she said, “you’re so stupid, I would have put you in so many shows.” You just had to love her and know that no matter how she said it she always wanted the best for you. She loved my new work and told me 100 times, which I take as a message to carry on.

While she was being buried in San Francisco, last night here in NYC we had our remembrance reception at the Eickholt Gallery in Soho. Artists brought works on paper that will be donated to cancer research. We laid the works out on the floor, surrounded by lit candles. We drank wine and held Monique in the air with love, through words of praise and by connecting to one another.

Today I feel sad with the realization that she is no longer here in body.

We are all just visitors here and it is always hard to leave people and places we have loved, even though the love remains.

One of the first and most intelligent books I read about death was Who Dies, by Stephen Levine, published in 1982. It came to me a few years after the death of my father, and has been a kind of bible, which I refer to from time to time. It is such a rich book with so many interesting ideas, but I will leave you with only a paragraph that someone I lent the book to underlined in the chapter, entitled Healing/Dying-The Great Balancing Act.

“As long as we are thinking of healing as opposed to dying, there will be confusion. As long as we separate life from death, we separate the mind from the heart and we will always have something to protect, something more to be, another cause for disharmony and illness. When the attitude toward healing is in balance, the attitude toward death is as well.”

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February 16, 2004


This was sent to me by 2 artist friends who were also friends and collaborators of Monique. I will add my own words at another time.

February 12, 2004

Beloved Mother to Chantal and Michael.
Daughter to Coca, sister to Solange and wife to

To all friends and associates of Monique:

Our dear friend and associate, Monique Goldstrom
died on February 12, 2004
at 1:40pm in New York City after a long and
courageous battle with Cancer.
Her sudden departure left her friends, associates
and family in a great void
and we will all miss her greatly. Not only was she
a fine contributor to
the Arts, but to many, she was a true friend,
patron and gave herself to many humanitarian
Her loved ones will hold a memorial ceremonies in
San Francisco.
Memorial Services:
Tuesday, February 17th, 11 am.
at Sinai Memorial Chapel
tel: 415-921-3636

Funeral Services:
at Home of Peace Cemetery in Colma.

Her dear friends in NYC who cannot attend the
memorial services in San
Francisco will hold a *simple remembrance
reception/event titled "A TRIBUTE
All her beloved artists are welcome to bring a
medium size works on paper.
We will create together a memorial wall during a
time of remembrance.
All the artworks will be donated to the American
institutions and
associations for cancer research.

Remembrance Reception in NYC: Tuesday, February
17th, 6-8 pm.
Gallery: Eickholt Gallery
427 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10013
Entrance: #45 Howard Street
*Special thank you to Lisa Eickholt, a director of
Eickholt gallery.

For more information about the remembrance
reception, please contact
Yola/Jolanta Gora-Wita at
212-343-1676 or e mail her at gwita@bincode.com.

*The premier memorial entitled "The Art of Monique
Goldstrom" will be held
at a disclosed location, time and date to be
determined. Please visit
http://moniquegoldstrom.com for further

Family, friends, artists and associates...

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February 13, 2004

Sunday’s event & workshop information

This coming Sunday, February 15th, from 4 to 8 p.m., Mary Abrams Movement Resource Center is having an open house celebration, and Mary has asked me to hang some paintings. Please come by if you are in Manhattan. The address is: 10 E 18th St, 4th floor, which is located between 5th Ave & Broadway.

Also, our workshop for Puglia is up on my site. Please check it out by clicking on my page links to the right, on workshops/italy (puglia).

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February 10, 2004

What is Success?

Today, in a bi-weekly email newsletter I receive about art, by Robert Genn, he talked about the meaning of success for an artist. As he said, success can mean a lot of things for different people. Society clearly regards success by visibility and in terms of monetary value, whether it regards an artist or any other trade. Of course, the two are related for an artist, since your work is often priced according to how well known you are.

The most intelligent thing that I heard regarding this issue of success, was a radio interview with the composer, Phillip Glass, in the early 90’s, when I was working in Barcelona for a 6 months sojourn away from Roma. The interviewer asked Phillip what he thought about before he was successful, and he replied, “No, no, my work has always been successful.” This to me is the core of the matter. The work itself is what’s successful or not. And an artist knows when her or his work works. If not they’re in trouble.

Then, whether the work is accepted or rejected is another story. How many times have you heard of great works of literature and art being rejecting innumerable times until someone miraculously recognized them? This I tell myself when want to give up.

We have found our “home” for the June 15 - 22 art workshop in Italy. It will be in the Southern region of Puglia, located at the heel of Italy, on the Adriatic Coast. We will be staying at a cultural/art center, nestled in the country, 10 minutes from the town of Ostuni and 15 minutes from the sea. Besides an art studio and sleeping accommodations, the center offers a studio for movement, and outdoor amphitheater, acres of land with olive groves to roam on, an organic garden, trails leading to interesting sites, such as the dome shaped truilli houses, known in the region, caves and other things to be discovered.

Although we were treated like queens in the Miramonte e Mare Hotel in Ischia, and have absolutely no complaints, this year we will be freer and unexposed to the flux of tourists that inevitably create noise and stress. In Ischia it was hard to get away from. I’m sure Ostuni and thereabouts have its share of tourism, but it will be for us to decide if we want a taste of it or not.

I’m working on a page for this workshop, which I shall put up on my site. Please check back soon for details.

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February 03, 2004

Winter in NY

Winter is hard! That’s a song and it’s also true, especially with this year’s oppressive cold. It, along with my own mental chatter got to me this weekend. I couldn’t seem to find that quiet place within that knows how not to let it catch you in its web. Or, those quiet peaceful moments were constantly interrupted by a mind that was in battle. Why? Well, there are real reasons and then there is that old, tired condition, holding on to itself rather than letting go. Instead of letting its rotten self expire to make room for the new it hangs on to what it knows, no matter how unpleasant and dysfunctional it is. That is the way of habits we hold onto, or rather that hold onto us; it’s hard to know which comes first.

This morning I feel a shift of energy with a cold coming on. Who said the mind doesn’t make the body sick? But I feel this cold to be good, like it’s saying basta, enough is enough. It’s the body’s way of purifying itself, expelling the mind’s negativity.

Now to get on to brighter things, I want to bring your attention to my site, and its new page, which is our workshop in NY at my loft. Please check it out, and check back soon for information on our workshop in the South of Italy, in the region of Puglia. We have found a fabulous place in the country, near Ostuni, and we will soon have photos and the details up online.


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