September 13, 2004

Here I am again

I’ve recently returned from 3 wonderful months in Italy, which is one of the reasons I haven’t written. I was based in Roma, where I used to live, but also traveled quite a bit. I discovered the beautiful and enchanting region of Puglia, where I went twice; first to the area known as the Valle d’Itria, with fairytale dome shaped houses, called “Trulli”, then, another time, from Bari to Lecce and down the Adriatic coast of Salento. I loved Otranto and all the towns in that area.

No one spoke of Puglia until a few years ago when it starting becoming popular. One of the reasons being is that it’s hard to get to. My return bus and train ride from Otranto to Roma took me longer than the flight from New York. But it was worth every minute of it, and I’ll leave you with a photo of Otranto’s castle.

Ben venuto,


castle otranto.jpg

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