November 04, 2004

What Happened? What's Next?

I have been too busy and focused elsewhere to write in this journal lately, besides the fact that there are far too many blogs and emails to have to rummage through everyday. However, I’m going to post some enlightening segments from emails that I’ve received regarding yesterday’s tragic election results. I will only add one thing; it’s interesting to note that the 2 states that suffered most from the terrorism attacks of 9/11, New York and New Jersey, voted for Kerry. Fear of fear is actually stronger than fear itself and the Republicans know how to use it.

With love,

The following was written by Dean Bakopolous:

“What happened yesterday was this: The Republicans finally achieved
their long-held goal to use fear (of Muslims, of homosexuals, of
minorities, of terrorism) and fundamentalism to get poor people to
vote for the causes of the wealthy. It worked. Mission accomplished.
The arrogant invented a crisis and the ignorant rallied to be saved
from it; it’s the oldest form of power play in the world.”

So, what next? It’s clear that we were not able to change enough
people’s minds on issues like war and health care and civil rights; so
now we have to turn to their hearts.

This will be a long struggle and we may not see the results in our
generation. This will not be as easy as getting out the vote and
raising money on web sites and reading blogs and forwarding e-mails;
this will be an effort of major proportions--we need to defeat the
forces of fear and fundamentalism, and we must do so with
intelligence, creativity, and compassion.

Obviously, there are no easy steps to take or tangible numbers to
crunch. But I am writing to urge you this morning to keep doing what
you do: write better stories, make art, play music, read and publish
great books, preach sermons about peace and justice, raise your
children and grandchildren to be tolerant and to think freely, work
for better schools, save lakes and rivers, protect the oppressed, give
to the poor, spread the wealth, worship gods of love and compassion,
turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor. Challenge injustice.
Challenge authority. Challenge yourself. As a wise writing teacher
once said to me: "You do what you can."

The following was written by Mama Donna,

"Dear friends of freedom, life, and peace,

O.k. So now what?

We are baffled. We are frustrated. We are disgusted. We are angry.
And, yes, we are scared. But I can’t see that any of these attitudes
can help us much, either in our personal spiritual growth or in our
attempts to change the political climate of our country.

Our job today is exactly what it has been all along. We need to steady
and center ourselves in our own beliefs and values. We need to reach
out in friendship and compassion to those folks around us who may or
may not agree with us. We need to walk our talk and lead exemplary
lives. And most important, we need keep hope and faith and trust
alive in our hearts.

Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and prepare for the long haul.
So many of us became politicized and active in these past few pre-
election months. This earnest passion for positive change is precisely
where we must begin. We cannot allow ourselves to go back to sleep,
apathetic and dormant until six months before the next election. We
have to realize that we are now engaged in training for a huge marathon.
Sprinters need not apply.

From now on we must be ever vigilant and allow no injustice, no aggression,
no display of disrespect to pass without a loud protest. We must pay
attention and ethically respond to the feelings, needs and desires of others
as well as the planet that supports us all. We must be the early responders.

So let’s spend this evening bemoaning our fate by crying in our beer, eating
too much ice cream, doing yoga, having sex, doing whatever it is that will
make us feel better for the moment. And then in the morning, let us
awaken to the dawn of a new day, a new era, a new way of being in the
world. This is just the beginning."

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