April 08, 2005

in memory of Paul Nash 3/2005

Paulís Song

at the edge of sleep
from cackling spirit
you become
and song

Your glowing eyes gaze inward
and say
look within
you move into form
sinewy, serpentine and full
and say
move into your life,
the uninhabited rooms
pain and sorrow are just tricksters
who have moved in
while you were away

starve them and return home

Inside the turban
no more spider webbed malignancy spreading
or chatter
now Wisdom
sits in the silent room of soul
no words
where I am
is everywhere you are
the form is a transient dancer,
every movement a whisper
kissing cheek
an arm rising
over head
for an instant
frames the face
as an angel
in unison
waves hello
and goodbye

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