December 29, 2010

Starting Over + Insider's View

It's been awhile since I've written in this blog. Thanks to Stanley Thompson our workshop was posted on the November 16th entry: both on my site as well as here on this page.

Patricia Antonucci and I are very excited about our new interactive program with artists and galleries, as well as the exploration of rich and joyful "Roma." In addition, we are looking forward to discover how the experience will weave its way into each participant's creative expression.

We will spend each day with a different artist in his or her studio, exploring their work by open discussions about their processes, secrets and motivations. Part of the day will be dedicated to wandering through neighborhoods, visiting local galleries, and attending exhibition openings of choice.

We will discuss, suggest and guide each participant toward their individual creation. Besides journaling, to document our thoughts and impressions, we encourage bringing photographic and video cameras. Artists are welcome to bring supplies.

We have lived in Rome for many years, exhibiting and working. As insiders we want to share our intimate and unique view of our beloved city to you.

Warm regards,

Barbara & Patricia

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